Using Graphical Viewer for Edit and Post Reports after 14.60 Upgrade

Starting with 14.60, the functionality for using graphical reports for posting reports was removed however you can still use the graphical report option for the edit report.
From within the Graphical edit report, you will choose Post gifts which will lead to another screen where you will only have the option for Screen which is the change that was implemented starting in 14.60 due to graphical viewer not displaying the error messages that can occur while posting:


Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to any edit report, such as the gift edit report in the Gift module\Unposted Gifts
2. Click on the Processes tab
3. Select the Gift Edit report in the list
4. Click Run Process
5. Make any needed selections on the criteria screen that appears
6. Click OK
7. On the next window that appears, on the Send to tab, select the Graphical Viewer option.
8. You will see the Edit report open in Graphical Viewer
9. On the top, select the link labeled Post Gifts
10. Click Yes for the prompt to post gifts
11.  On the next window that opens you will only have the option to select Screen.



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