Configuring the Ministry Planner

The Ministry Planner involves many components of Seraphim. When configuring the ministry planner, follow the basic process below. Once the ministry planner has been configured, it is quite easy to manage.

1. Go to the Ministry Planner Tile: "Build your Ministries"

  • Create each Ministry
  • Create each role within each ministry
  • Add role requirements for each role
  • See article "000119154" for more information on creating Ministries, roles, and role requirements.
  • Click on the Manage Tab
  • Click on the Assign Tab and assign all your servers to the appropriate ministries
  • Click on the Teams Tab, and create your teams for each ministry
  • See article "000119155" for more information on creating Teams.

2. Go to the Directory Tile: "Tie your ministries to groups"

  • For children's ministries, go into each group, and click on the Ministry tab. Select any ministry that can serve for this particular group of children.
  • For all other ministries, create one static "placeholder" group that all ministries can be tied to for database purposes (you do not need to include anyone in this group).
  • Click on Class/Staff tab in the static group, and make sure the Campus, building, and generic room have been set for the event they will be serving at.
  • Click Save
  • See article "000119152" for more information on building static groups.

3. Go to the Events Tile: "Tie your groups to events"

  • Click on the event the ministry will be serving at and click Edit
  • Click on the Groups/Classes tab
  • Assign the static Ministry Group you created in Step 2, and/or the children's groups that they will be serving. Click Save Selections
  • Click Save


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