How do I include contact emails on the Organization Profile report?

When I create an Organization Profile report, I'd like to include contact emails and phone numbers.

Contact emails do not appear on my Organization Profile report, or some contact emails appear but others do not.
The phone number/email address has to be stored on the Relationship record (or must have migrated from the Business Address during the conversion from 7.93 or lower to 7.94 or higher).

Steps to resolve:
  1. Open the business
  2. Click on the relationships tab
  3. Open the relationship in question
  4. Add an email address directly on the relationship record.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create an organization profile report
  2. On Profile Contents tab, include Constituent Name.
  3.  Under Constituent Name, include all email/phone types
  4. On Profile Contents tab, include Contacts
  5. Under Contacts, mark Detailed Listing
  6. Preview report
  7. Results: emails and phones appear only for some contacts

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