1. As a Platform Manager, go to Core > People Finder and select the user
2. On the Access tab, confirm the user's Authentication Status is Awaiting Response.
  • If the user's Authentication Status is ON Authenticated, confirm the user has a role that has been enabled for BBID.
3. Confirm the user has a Blackbaud ID Username 4. If a user's Authentication Status is Awaiting Response and they have a Blackbaud ID username, ensure the user's browser is not set up to block third party cookies.

5. If the issue persists, please contact Support and include the following information:
  • Email address the affected user is attempting to log in with
  • Specific error received when attempting to log in
  • Is the user able to log into signin.blackbaud.com with their Blackbaud ID username?
  • Has the user ever logged into the On Products with their Blackbaud ID username and password?