FTP is an Internet service specially designed to establish a connection to an Internet server (or computer), so that users can transfer files (download) to their computer or to transfer (upload) their own files to the server (computer).

Since FTP has been around for almost half a century, it predates many of the cybersecurity measures that have become commonplace in recent years. Therefore, standard (unsecure) FTP file transfers are not encrypted. Both your credentials and your files are sent in plain text, making this option susceptible to harmful cyber threats.

FTPS is used to ensure that all file transmissions are secure and efficient. The FTPS protocol runs on a secure channel - no clear text passwords or file data are transferred.

To connect to a FTPS (a secure connection), configure your FTP client software as follows:
Luminate Admin Login URLFTPS HostnameUsernamePassword
secure2.convio.netclientftp.cluster2.convio.net or customerftp.convio.netObtain from your Support representative if not knownObtain from your Support representative if not known
secure3.convio.netclientftp.cluster3.convio.netObtain from your Support representative if not knownObtain from your Support representative if not known
secure8.convio.netclientftp.cluster8.convio.netObtain from your Support representative if not knownObtain from your Support representative if not known

To request your FTP username/password credentials, please have a Blackbaud.com Site Administrator submit a request using Case Central.  Please request a call back for the credentials. Note: For security and verification purposes, these credentials can only be given over the phone to a Blackbaud.com Site Administrator for your organization and Support must call the administrator at the number listed on their Blackbaud.com record.
  1. If your FTP client software supports FTPS (Details should be available in your specific FTP documentation), you will need to:
    • Change the protocol from standard FTP to FTPS explicit (also known as FTP for TLS/SSL).
      • Your FTP client software will likely support FTPS with both implicit and explicit options; you should specify explicit.
  2. For customers with a custom data sync account:
    • Access the FTP server and append "_ds" to the end of your username (for example: clientid_ds).
  3. Ensure that AUTH TLS is enabled: Many modern FTP clients use encryption and no special configuration is required. Others require you to enable support for AUTH TLS. (Details shuold be available in your specific software documentation).
    • Use the option of port 21 to configure your FTP client for TLS/SSL (AUTH TLS explicit).
  4. Issue the command PRIVATE ON:
    • A command-line based FTP client might encrypt the control channel by default. Be sure to issue the command, PRIVATE ON, before transferring files so connections are also encrypted.
  5. If your FTP client does not support FTPS, you may want to review some other frequently used FTPS clients:
    • Windows - WinSCP or WS-FTP-Pro
    • Linux/Unix - LFTP
Additional Information:
  • If you wish to retain access to your FTP site, you must take action and upgrade to an FTPS site by February 28, 2019. This is available at no cost to you and can be configured with these instructions.
  • If you take no action, Blackbaud will deactivate your legacy FTP site after the deadline. This means you will no longer have FTP access to the site. Files you have stored there will still be accessible to Luminate Online, but you will be unable to modify files on the site until you configure a FTPS connection and regain access to the FTP site. After the site is deactivated, to regain access, please contact Customer Support and have your login re-enabled.