Follow the steps below to begin using Report Builder for Dashboards.

1. Go to Analysis tab and select Report Builder 

Report builder

2. On the Dashboard tab, click the Add dashboard button

Notes: If you do not see the add button for dashboards check you security settings


3.  From the Dashboard Panel on the right, you can drag on drop insights or include additional filters

Note: You may add multiple insights to one dashboard. If you have not purchased Insight Designer you will not see the option to "Add insight" on the Dashboard Panel 


4. To modify the size of the dashboard use the arrows at the bottom right of the insight. Grab and drag the insight to move it to another location on the dashboard

5. Hover over the Insight and click "Edit properties" make changes to the Insight.  Click Go to insight to modify the insight itself

Note: If you have not purchased Insight Designer you will not see the option to "Go to insight" when hovering


6. Click "overwrite default attribute" to choose a different way to view your Insight.  Under Filters,  you can add a new way of filter your insight

Note: Editing the properties will not change the saved insight and will only affect the dashboard you are creating


7. To include additional filters, drag over the filter from the Dashboard builder panel.  This filter will appear at the top the dashboard page

Note: You can add as many filters as you wish, however, the more you add the smaller the data sample size will become


8.  When your dashboard is completed, choose Save. 

Note: when saving your dashboard you will be able to include a name, a description, which user groups can access and weather they can edit it or not


9. The saved dashboard will appear under the Dashboard tab.  To add, edit, share or delete the new dashboard click the three little dots (action menu)

Note: The dashboard will show who created it along with the date it was created or updated


10. Go to Fundraising, Reporting to add the dashboard to your reporting location


11. Click the Add button next to the dashboard tab


12. In the search section, enter the name of the dashboard you created


13. Your Dashboard will now be included under Fundraising, Reporting

Note: You can not print, export, schedule Dashboards you create but look for that functionality in a later release

For more information on Dashboard Builder please visit our help documentation