*NOTE: You must have the Link to Outlook plugin installed in Outlook to perform these steps

1. In Outlook, open the email that you want to link
2. Click on the Send to Gifts Online - Microedge Gifts Plugin located in the top right corner of the opened email
3. Mark the Create New Activity radial button
4. Select the type of record to you want to link to from the Link To drop-down menu
5. Search for the record using either Quick or Advanced Search
6. Select the request you want to link the email to
7. Click Next
8. Fill in Title, Keywords, and Notes (Optional) and mark or unmark the Download Attachments checkbox
9. Click Finish
10. A message pops up that says 'Selected message was exported successfully to Gifts Online. Please refer to the process monitor for details'
11. Click OK
12. Choose to Save Log, Print Log, or Close

When you log into Grantmaking Online the email will appear in the related documents of the record you linked it to.