GL Distribution incorrect when posting Pledge Installments or viewing the GL Distribution

After installing Patch 12, Pledges with irregular payment schedules may show an incorrect GL distribution. When posting, these gifts may show up with the exception Invalid Amount: Amount on the General Ledger Exception Report.

This is resolved in 7.96, patch 13, planned for release in September - October 2018.

In the meantime, pledges encountering this issue can be posted in one of two ways: 
  1. On the General tab of Post to GL, select to Post the transactions in Summary, rather than Detail. Note, this will post the total sum of all the installations to each account. Due to certain installations posting as negative, they may need to be corrected in the General Ledger batch after posting. 
  2. Manually enter the journal entry in FE (How to add a manual Journal Entry batch in General Ledger 7). To help enter the data, take a screen shot of the gift's GL Distribution or right-click in the GL Distribution grid and select Export GL Distribution Grid to Excel. 

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Create a Pledge gift with an irregular payment schedule
  2. In the Gift Record go to View > GL Distribution and notice the values differ from the installment schedule
  3. Also occurs when running the pre-post report when posting to the General Ledger


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