Pledge payment method of none defaults to check after batch is committed

You are adding a pledge payment in batch and select the payment method of 'none'. After the batch is committed, you may see the payment method listed as 'check' on the constituent record.
This is currently working as designed.  CRM currently restricts payments from using the 'None' payment method type which is reserved for non-monetary type revenue records, these being Pledges and Recurring Gifts.  In this scenario the payment form being used doesn't allow for a payment method to be selected for the actual payment portion of the record itself and thus defaults to the first available payment method upon commit, this being Check.  The payment method option in the batch row itself pertains to the pledge record and will not carry down to the payments due to the aforementioned restriction.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Navigate to Revenue > Batch Entry.
  2. Add > Enhanced revenue batch template > Save.
  3. In the batch, select a constituent with a pledge.
  4. Enter pledge amount, revenue type of pledge and payment method of none (note - we tested in a batch with no default values set).
  5. Select the revenue tab > payment - to confirm and add a payment to the pledge.
  6. Update projected totals.
  7. Validate and commit batch.
  8. Open the constituent record under summary > recent revenue > click on the pledge payment we just added.
  9. Select the installments/write off activity tab and view the pledge payment.
  10. Note, the payment method has defaulted to check.

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