The following information can change on an opportunity prior to its end date arriving, and the opportunity is still open:
  • Imported data listed on the opportunity's applications prior to the opportunity's end date will continue to update as new data is received to the system, affecting qualification points.
  • Previously requested references (ie email address typed into a Confidential Reference question prior to the end date) can still be Submitted into the system, with the potential to fulfill qualification criteria that may be set upon them. 
    • NOTE: References CAN submit a reference AFTER the end date of the opportunity and actually are not prevented from submitting that reference until the opportunity or General Application is archived - depending on where the reference questions is initially asked. If you have a deadline for reference submission, it should be communicated to the applicant and the reference provider.
  • Any administrative question can be answered, and must always be answered at the opportunity level.
​Questions and data import fields newly-added to the General or Conditional Application will not be visible on applications to opportunities that have ended/the opportunity has closed.