Administrators may locate a semi-qualified applicant and manually apply, or "force apply," an application to the opportunity's applications pool on the applicant's behalf. An administrator can force apply an applicant to any unarchived opportunity as long as the applicant has a Drafted or Submitted General Application, or Conditional application if the opportunity is associated with a Conditional application.

How to Force Apply an Applicant to an Opportunity:
  1. Select Opportunity>General Applications>Applications
  2. Mark the box of the applicant (or multiple applicants) that you would like to force apply to an opportunity
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select Act on Selected>Apply
  4. An "Apply Selected" window will open
  5. Select the Applicant Opportunity the applicant should be force applied into 
  6. Click Apply
force apply

This will create an application to the opportunity on behalf of the applicant, using whatever responses have been provided so far on the General Application.

  • Opportunities associated with Conditional Applications will not be available in this list. You must force apply applicants into these opportunities from the Conditional Applications grid.  
  • Depending on how complete the General Application is and the type of opportunity, the application for the specific opportunity may be at a Submitted or Drafted state.
  • Additionally, if an applicant has provided answers that do not qualify them for the opportunity, the application may have 0 Qualification Points.
  • While administrators may extend award offers to applications sitting at Drafted or with 0 Qualification points, it may be necessary to make adjustments to your reviewer group(s) to enable reviewers to view these applications, if desired. 
  • Archived General Applications CAN be force applied into open or ended non-archived opportunities. Locate the archived application in order to complete the steps outlined above.