This message can appear when the defined Download Directory in the merged document is either a location that doesn't exist or a location that cannot be accessed due to permissions.

On a local installation of FIMS this can also be caused when the Download Directory on the workstation is not set to the shared drive that houses the Found\eAdvisor folder.
  • For Example:
The download directory on the workstation is set to D:\npo\found\eAdvisor and an error is received when running the Macro in Word.
When changing the Download Directory drive letter to N:\ instead of D:\, FIMS will now read this as a shared network drive.

Steps to correct:
  1. Log into FIMS as the user who will be running the export, mail merge, and macros.
  2. From the top menu click on Tools > User Preferences
  3. Mark the option for 'All Other Preferences' and click OK
  4. In the Options list choose DonorCentral_Download_Directory
  5. Click the Browse button and ensure the file path leads to the Shared drive that houses NPO\Found\eAdvisor
  • NOTE: Some organizations have the Drive set as NPO. In those cases NPO is not required in the file path because there is no NPO folder. It would instead look like N:\Found\eAdvisor
  1. If the mail merge was already completed you can change the download directory to the correct file path within the header code of the merge document. Otherwise you can complete the data export and mail merge after changing the download directory file path in user preferences to ensure the new file path is used.