System Administrators can map new import file headings to fields. The ability to map a column heading from a file to a corresponding field in the system is dependent upon several pre-existing conditions:
  • A .CSV file containing a row of column headings must be already manually uploaded or already sent to the system via cURL command. This provides the system with the list of headings that require mapping.
  • The corresponding import field must be already built in the system. If there is a column of data in the file that does not have a corresponding field in the system yet, that field must be built before mapping can occur. 
How to Map New Import File Headings to Fields: import data hover
  1. Select Opportunity>General Application>Questions>Import Data.
  2. By default, you will initially see fields made visible to applicants. If this new field will be an Applicant field, stay here. If this new field will be hidden from applicants and be an Administrator field, select the Administrator tab.
  3. Locate the field from the list.
  4. Click Edit.import data
  5. When the field's properties window opens, locate the Import Header drop-down menu. It contains a list of all available headings that have not yet been mapped to a system field. Select the appropriate heading from the list, and click Update Question for All Opportunities.
update question

Why Isn't My Column Heading Appearing in the List of Available Headings for Mapping?
Column headings appear in the drop-down menu for mapping as long as two conditions are true:
  • An import file has been received in which a column contained the word or term as a column heading.
  • The heading has not yet been mapped to a corresponding field in the system.
If you are unable to locate a heading in the drop-down menu, ensure that a .CSV file containing the heading was successfully received by checking with your IT department or contacting Customer Support.

If an import has been received with the heading, review the list of existing mappings to ensure the heading has not been already mapped to another field. (If the header is already mapped to another field, you may need to open up that field using the "Edit" button to unassign the mapping. This will free up the heading so that it may be assigned to a different system field.)
existing mappings
If you are certain the heading was included in a successfully received file and you are certain the heading has not been mapped to any other system field, please contact Customer Support and provide the following:
  • screenshot of the new field and its existing mapping
  • screenshot of the Import Header dropdown list in the question's properties window
  • screenshot of the import file containing the new heading