In order to locate imported fields, select Opportunity>Portfolios>General Applications>Questions>Import Data.  

Updating Answer Choices on Imported Fields
The choices that are available to answer the import questions are populated by answers that are present in the current or past import files. For this reason, many times the choices listed for an import question are incomplete due to the fact that the answers do not yet exist in the import file, like in the case of a brand new Major, yet administrators need additional answer choices available in order to put qualifications in their opportunities. Administrators have the ability to add choices to their import fields at any time so that those choices will be available to use in the qualifications.  
  • To add choices to an imported field, the administrator must first locate the field for which the choices are to be added by navigating to the Opportunity tabs General Application menu and then select Import Data as above. Be sure to check both the Applicant tab and Administrator tab to locate the correct field, and then click Edit to make the changes.
  • Before adding any new choices, be sure to check the entire list to ensure the answer is not already listed. For imported questions the value may not be listed alphabetically and may be found at the end of the list. Once you click Edit, you are able to add new choices to the list by creating a space by clicking enter at the end of the choice under which you would like the new choice to appear and trying the new choice in. The Choice box works just like a word document, so you can copy and paste a brand new list as well. Click Update the Question to save your work.
  • You will now be able to use the new choices in any qualifications that need to be added to either the opportunities or the reviewer groups.

Changing the Visibility of Imported Fields
When imported fields are mapped in to the system for the first time, Administrators should check the visibility of each field to make sure that visibility is correct.  All fields that appear on the Applicants tab will be visible to the Applicants through the applicant record on their application, while all fields on the Administrators tab are only visible to administrators. If an administrator wishes to hide certain imported fields from applicants, they must change the "Asked To" setting on that imported field: 
  • Select Opportunity>Portfolios>General Applications>Import Data.  
  • By default, you will land on the Applicant tab indicating that all of the information on this page is visible to the applicant.
  • Locate the question you need to update.
  • Click Edit for the information that you wish to stop being visible to the applicant.
  • Once on the "Update Question for All Opportunities" page, select Ask To>Applicant or Administrator depending on who you would like the question visible to.
  • Click Update Question for All Opportunities.
    • If you have selected Ask To>Administrator, this will move the import information to the Administrator tab so that it is no longer visible to the Applicant. 
    • If you have selected Ask To>Applicant, this will move the import information to the Applicant tab so that it is no longer visible to the Administrator.
    • This screen will also allow you to make the field visible to reviewers and/or visible in Stewardship Management (for those of you with the Engage package) by marking or unmarking those boxes. 

Changing the Order of Questions

When you make changes to the visibility of your questions, the question will appear at the end of the list (for Applicants or Administrators, depending on who it's visible to), but can be moved higher depending on where you would like the information to appear on the application.
  • To change the order of the questions, hover over the question you would like to move. 
  • You will see the mouse turn into a four-direction arrow. Click the question and drag and drop it to the new location you prefer.
  • Click Update Questions.