Awards must be extended at the opportunity level in the system, therefore an application to the opportunity must be created in order to extend the award offer appropriately. In order for an application to be created, the applicant must also exist in the system by having an user account.

If the user already has at least a Drafted or Submitted General Application, administrators may force-apply the applicant to the appropriate opportunity to generate the necessary opportunity application. But what can administrators do if the user has not started or saved a General Application? What if the individual never created an account in the system?

What if the User Has an Account But Did Not Save or Submit a General Application? 
The General Application is the foundation of an applicant's experience in the system. It is the first major step in being considered for any award. If an applicant creates an account in the system but fails to at least save a draft of the General Application, they lack the primary element needed to extend an award offer.

If you would like to extend an award offer to an applicant who failed to save or submit a General Application, administrators can:

  • Encourage the applicant to return and complete this step. It is always preferable to have information created and submitted by the applicant. Inform the user that they have been selected for an award, but in order to receive it they must first return to the system and submit a General Application.


  • Become the user and save a Drafted General Application on the user's behalf. This is not preferable, as it is always better to have information submitted directly by applicants. However, should administrators be unable to encourage interaction from the user, a General Application can by created on his or her behalf by administrators using the Become User button.
  • To become a user, select Site>Users>All Users. 
  • Select the All Users tab (or any of the other tabs as appropriate.
  • Use the search box to enter the applicant's name, email address, or UID.
  • Once the correct applicant is located, click View.
  • Click Become User, and save a drafted General Application.

What if the User Never Created an Account in the System?
Without a user account, the system has no way of tracking application materials or award data for an individual. If your intended awardee never created an user account (and thus never completed the General Application), they lack the primary element needed to extend an award offer in the system.

If you would like to extend an award offer to an applicant who currently does not have an user account, administrators must encourage or establish an account for the user

  • Encourage the applicant to create an account and submit a General Application. It is always preferable to have an account established by the individual, as well as a General Application with information submitted by the individual. Inform the individual that they have been selected for an award, but in order to receive it they must first visit the system and create a new General Application.

  • Create an account on the individual's behalf. This should be the final option considered, and only if administrators are unable to otherwise engage the individual. The process required to create an account on someone's behalf will vary according to your system's authentication method.

SSO and LDAP - To create an account on behalf of the individual, you will need to know their UID (which must correspond to the UID listed in your data import. If the individual is not included in your data import, you will be unable to create an application on his or her behalf.) 

  • While signed in as an administrator, select Site>Users>Create New.
  • Complete the Create a New User page and provide the appropriate UID.
  • Click Create User.

When the page refreshes, you should be located on the new account's Edit page. Click Become User to sign into the user's account and complete a General Application on his or her behalf. (Note: If clicking on Become User produces a message reading "User has no active roles or permission," they are not located in your data import. You will be unable to Become User until the individual signs into his or her account for the first time.)

Whitelist or Local - For systems using a whitelist or local authentication method, administrators will need to:

  • Navigate to your system's main landing page and click Sign Up for a new account using an appropriate email address and a password of your choice. (Take note of the password you select so that you can provide it to the applicant later.)
  • After completing the Sign Up page, log into your administrator account normally.
  • Select Site>Users>All Users.
  • Locate the newly-created account, and click View.
  • Once in the new account, click Edit
  • Locate the Confirmation URL. Copy this URL (tip: use the "Copy" button) and paste it into your web browser's address bar. 
  • You will be signed into the new applicant account, and will land on the General Application. Complete the General Application as needed.