How to Reset a Password on Behalf of a User
Users should first use the "Trouble Signing in?" link to reset their own password. However, administrators may utilize this link on the user's behalf:
  • Sign completely out of the system (Single Sign On users may need to completely close the browser window).
  • Navigate to your system's main landing page (ie and click "Sign In".
  • On the next page, click on the "Trouble Signing In" link (SSO and LDAP users may need to click on the "References and Reviewers" tab to access this link.)
  • Enter the email address of the user who is unable to sign in. Click "Recover Password". (SSO and LDAP users may need to click on the "References and Reviewers" tab.)

This will send a Password Re-set email to the user. The link inside will only be active for 6 hours.

At this point, the administrator can simply inform the user to check their email for the password re-set email. (If so, please inform the user that the link will only be active for 6 hours. After 6 hours have passed, this process will need to be repeated to generate a new password re-set link.) 

If necessary, administrators may continue the process of re-setting the password on behalf of  the user. 

  • When logged in as an administrator, select Site>Users>All Users. Enter the name, email address, or UID in the search box. 
  • Once the user account is identified, click View.
  • Once inside the user account, a Reset Password URL link should be visible. Click "Copy" to copy the URL to your computer's clipboard.
  • Sign out of the system completely. (Again, SSO users may need to close their browser windows to completely sign out.)
  • Paste the copied URL into your web browser and go to the link. This will display the "Setting a New Password" page. Create a password for the user according to the system restrictions of:
    • 8 characters or more
    • At least 1 character must be a number
    • At least 1 character must be a lowercase letter
    • At least 1 character must be an uppercase letter
  • Click "Change" when finished.

This will successfully re-set the user's password for the system. The user must be told of the new password created on their behalf (verbally or over the phone is recommended, rather than by email.) If the user does not like the password chosen on their behalf, they can always re-set the password on their own by using the "Trouble Signing In?" link or by visiting their "Account Details" page.