How to Log in As a Reference Provider (With or Without a Confirmed Account)
At the time an applicant types in a name and email address for a reference provider, a basic account will be established in the system for that email address. To upload a letter of recommendation or complete a web form on behalf of the individual:
  • When logged in as an administrator, select Site>Users>All Users. 

Enter the email address of the reference provider into the search bar. When the full email address appears as a search result, click on it to open their account information.
  • Make sure you are searching for the exact email address the applicant typed in to request the reference. (If you are unsure of this address, try locating the applicant requester's account instead. You can visit the applicant's "References" area to see what address was typed in.)
  • If the email address does not appear as a search result, the user may not have an account established in the system. Troubleshoot Sign in Issues For Local and Whitelist Authentication


  • This will open the "profile" of the individual's system account. Click "Become User". (Note: If you see that the user has a pending Invitation URL and has not yet confirmed their account, you may still use this approach. It is not necessary that references confirm their account prior to an administrator accessing it through the "Become User" button.
  • You are now inside the individual's account. (If the user has other roles in your  system, you may need to switch from another portal into the Reference Portal.) You should see the reference request for the student. Click "Begin". 
  • On the next page select the appropriate file on your computer or fill out the web form and click "Submit". 
The reference request is now complete.
If in the future the user does want to claim their account and log in normally, they will need to click on the original confirmation link in their email to get started. (Until the individual actually clicks on the link, it will always be displayed on their user profile [see steps 1 - 3 above], and you can send it to them at any time if they have deleted their email for one reason or another.)
  • To return to using the system as yourself, select the user's name or email address in the upper right corner and select "Become Self."