NOTE: The following steps apply only if you access hosted files in Microsoft Azure:
  1. Log into the Web View of your NXT product.
  2. Click on the Database Menu NXT Web View Database Menu icon
  3. Select Hosted Files. (Note: If a window with "Opening launch.ica" appears, select Open with Citrix Connection Manager and Click OK. Be sure to also click Permit or Permit All to any Citrix prompts as this opens.)
  4. In the Tenant File Share window that opens, look for This PC section in the left list:
    • To save a cloud location (available from any device), highlight Tenant File Share (to share with all) or My Documents (only you can see it).
    • To save a local workstation location, click on Local Disk.
  5. Navigate to the desired folder/location:
    • For a cloud location, click to open any desired folders.
    • For a local workstation location, click to find the desired local location. (Tip: The customary path to the Desktop is C:\ drive > Users > locate your user name or workstation name > Desktop.)
  6. When the desired location is open, click in the file path window at the top to highlight the whole path. (Tip: If it does highlight the whole path, click CRTL and A to select all.)
  7. Click and drag the file path under Favorites.
  8. When a line appears to add it, release the mouse to drop it.
  9. Optionally, right click on the name displayed > click Rename > enter a new name > click OK.