Any Reviewers or Reference Providers who do have campus credentials (campus/organization email and Customer UID Number) should sign in on the Applicants/Administrators login tab using these assigned credentials (campus/organization email and password). "Customer UID Number" is the user's unique identifier that could be the same as "Employee ID Number" or something similar in your organization's records (if you are unsure of what this is, you may want to reach out to your IT team). If the Reference Provider or Reviewer does not have either a campus/organizational email or a Customer UID Number, they will continue to sign in on the References & Reviewers tab with the email listed on their account and their self-created password. If you would like to update an existing user's account to include the Customer UID Number so they may authenticate the same as Applicants & Administrators, please reach out to Support.

Also, if your system utilizes the Remote Identity API, any Reviewers or References who do have campus credentials should sign in on the Applicants/Administrators login tab using their assigned credentials.

Campus email and UID number

*An administrator may want to update the custom text sign in instructions for these users at Site > Settings > Custom Text > "Reference and Reviewer Sign In Instructions" to apprise them of this difference.