The Our Opportunities page will always reflect the most current opportunity information based on the following guidelines and settings:
  • the currently Published active opportunity
  • if no opportunity is Published, the next upcoming opportunity with a set future Start Date
  • if no future opportunity has a set Start Date (left blank), then information from the most recent Ended or Archived opportunity will be displayed
  • if there are no past Ended or Archived opportunities and all future opportunities have no set Start Date (left blank) no listing for the portfolio will be included on your main page.
Also, check the Portfolio's visibility setting to see if the opportunity may not be set to visible:
  • Select Opportunity>Portfolios>All
  • Locate the Portfolio in question
  • Click Portfolio Details
  • Scroll to the Visibility area and if Visible When Open or Always Hidden are marked, the opportunity may not appear.
Adjust the visibility of opportunities in your system