1. If we do not host your DNS you will need to create the subdomain wherever the root domain is hosted.  
  2. Once you create the subdomain, create a CNAME record for the subdomain and point it at schoolNAME.cms.bbedusites.com.
    1. To find your "schoolNAME" go to https://mxtoolbox.com/DNSLookup.aspx and enter the URL of your staging domain as depicted. Use the Canonical Name Value for your CNAME record. It is specific to your school. If you have not yet created a site, proceed to step 3 to obtain the staging URL.User-added image
  3. Create a new site in School Website. Doing this will allow you to use the Website Redirects portion of the software and will then allow you to enter multiple redirects for the domain whenever they are needed. 
    1. Navigate to School Website > Website Management 
    2. Select the blue + icon to add a new site
    3. Fill in the site name and set Staging as the status. Save
    4. Select the ... icon and Edit website 
    5. Select Site Settings and add your subdomain to the Site URL field. 
    6. Set Current Status to Live
  4. Open a support ticket and request a SSL certificate for your new subdomain. You'll just need to mention to the support team that you've created a new site in School websites and you need an SSL certificate issued for the site. 
    1. In order for our team to issue SSL certificates, the root and subdomain need to be pointing to our servers. If it isn't done already you'll need to set the A record value for your root domain to
  5. The last step is to add the redirect within Website Redirects.
    1. Navigate to School website > Website Management > Website Redirects
    2. +Add Redirect 
    3. If you would like to redirect the subdomain you will need to enter the subdomain with / appended in the From / Known As URL field. For example: subdomain.school.org/. You can then choose to redirect to an existing page on another one of your School websites or redirect the domain to a specific URL. 
    4. Save.
Once the DNS record is properly set and the site and redirect are added, the domain will redirect and will allow you to add multiple redirects for the same subdomain at any time.