What if I need to make a change to a Recurring Gift Payment?

The Payment Gateway can make changes to the Recurring Gift information.

The exception to this is if you have BBMS (Blackbaud Merchant Services):

BBMS supports one-time gifts as well as monthly and annual recurring gifts (up to 36 months). When donors make recurring gifts, Giving Managers can view the recurring schedules in the new Recurring Payments task located under onMessage > Approval. In this task, managers can see the recurring payment schedules, stop recurring payments, click on a donor’s name to access additional details, and find recurring payments using the filter, sort, and search options. Recurring payments are automatically generated each month on the day specified by the donor on the giving form; however, if a failure occurs, the schedule will stop and a manager must intervene. 

For more information on setting up the BBMs payment gateway, please review Blackbaud Payment and Merchant Services BBPS BBMS Info and Setup Instructions.