Online Signup Managers can remove a course recommendation made via Course Requests through the Recommendation Work List.

To remove Course Requests/Recommendations, navigate to:
  1. Academics > Scheduling > Requests and recommendations list
  2. Select Filters on the right (Funnel Icon)
  3. Expand Student, click Select Grade Level
  4. Mark the Grade Level you wish to filter on such as 11th and click Select
  5. Expand Requests
  6. Change the Status to nothing
  7. Click Apply Filters
  8. Click the Editing Pencil next to each Student 
  9. Click the X next to the Request/Recommendation that should not be listed under the Student (if you wish to unrequire the Course, remove the Required Course and then re-add it by clicking Add Request)
  10. Click Apply Changes
Please Note: Before unoffering a Course you will want to remove any Course Requests/Recommendations associated with that course. If you do not then you will need to send a request to Support to have the unoffered/deleted Course Requests/Recommendations removed from all users.