To avoid this issue, Tuition amounts must be entered into Contract Forms by doing the following:

  1. In the persona menu, go to onBoard.
  2. Click on Contract Forms under Settings.
  3. Click +Add Contract button.
  4. In the new Contract, select Type, School Year, enter Name of Contract (i.e. Re-Enrollment Contract or New Student Contract, etc,), change Status to Active, add Publish Dates and Due Date.
  5. Click Save & Edit Form.
  6. Add Blocks as needed by clicking on selections from the options in the left column and dragging them into place on the Contract Form.
  7. Click the Fee Schedule Block and drag into the Contract Form.
  8. Once in place, click the +Add button for Tuition.
  9. Enter Name, Amount, and Grade levels the Tuition would be in effect for.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Continue to fill out any additional information necessary in the Fee Schedule block such as Required Fees, Optional Fees, etc.
  12. Click Generate Contracts when form is complete.