Academic Performance can be set to display on report cards. To enable this for a specific academic performance type:

  1. Go to Academics > Grades > Report Card Setup > Report Card Builder (old)
  2. Click edit for the report card you want to display it on
  3. Scroll down to the Academic Performance section
  4. Mark off the checkbox for each of the Academic Performance categories you want to display on the report card
  5. Scroll back up and click Save & Exit

If using the new Report Card Builder:

  1. Go to Academics > Grades > Report Card Setup > Report Cards
  2. Click the 3 dot button to the left of the report card you wish to display it on
  3. Click Edit Template from the drop down
  4. Select 2. Design Form
  5. Expand the Details category on the left and drag the Academic Performance section to the desired row
  6. Set the section width, Section Header, and pick the Academic Performance calculation you want to display
  7. Click Save
  8. Hover over the section and click "Add Column"
  9. Change the column category to the Term you wish to display the Academic Performance for
  10. Set the Column Widht
  11. Click Save
  12. Click Save and Close

Academic Performance also shows up as Honors under the Progress tab on the students contact card.

Note: When you are generating Academic Performance verify that you selected it to be published (small check box on left hand side) in order for it to show on the Report Card and Progress tab.