Grant the Advisory Content Editor Access in Core > Security > Content Editor Access > Advisories

  1. Click Add Content Access Group
  2. Give the group a name
  3. Find the users to add to this group
  4. Select the Access you would like them to have (All categories or Advisory)
  5. Select the Advisory Groups you want them to have access to edit
    (You may need to create multiple groups if you do not want them to be able to edit all the ones selected in this step) Add Access
  6. From here you can unmark the Items you do not want them to have access to edit on the Bulletin Board/Topics Page

Add Group Page Access to the Content Editor in Core > Security > Group Page Access > Advisories

  1. Add Access
  2. Add Group Content Editor
  3. Click Add Access
  4. Sign out, then sign back in, and impersonate the User or have the User login you can now see they have Edit access to Bulletin Boards.
In order to give users access to edit Topics, they must be either a Teacher or Co-Teacher of the group. To add them as a Teacher or Co-Teacher, 

Go to Academics > Scheduling > Requests and Schedules > Change the drop down in the top right corner to "Advisory"
  1. Go to the Advisors tab
  2. Add (New)
  3. Search the Advisor
  4. Select the 2 blue arrows to add the user
  5. Save