The reason you may be seeing Attendance duplicated is that either the terms overlap tor the days to default overlap causing overlapping terms. 

  1. Navigate to Core > Settings > School information > School Years & Terms
  2. Toggle to the School Level  
  3. If the Start Dates and End Dates of the Terms are the same you must change it so one term ends on one day and the other term starts on another day.
  4. If the days to default from last term overlap into the new term you would want to reduce this to stop the overlap.

Example if your 1st Semester ends on 12/15 and your 2nd Semester Starts on 1/1 you would want your days to default to be 17 to cover the gap between 1st Semester and the 2nd Semester.


Tip: You typically do not want to overlap any terms as this may cause other issues in other areas of the system.