Admissions Managers are able to pull several reports that include a candidate’s test scores.

To add a test type from admissions manager:

  1. Go to Enrollment Management > Admissions > Admissions Setup > Tests
  2. Click the +Add Test button
  3. Enter the Sort Order, Test Description, and Number of Subtests, then choose Next
  4. Enter the Subtest Description and Sort Order
  5. Choose Save & Add Another or Save & Exit

To track Test Types on a candidate’s profile:

  1. Go to Enrollment Management
  2. Use the People Finder to search for the candidate and click into their profile
  3. On the Record tab of the candidate profile, click +Add New in the Test Scores section, or click Edit (yellow pencil icon) next to an existing test to make changes/update information
  4. Add/Edit Test

Here's a breakdown of the options you'll see when you add a Test:

  • Test Date: Date and time the test was taken, or is to be taken
  • Test: The test that was taken/is to be taken
  • Registered Date: Date and time registered for the test
  • Register Location: Where the candidate registered to take the test
  • Proctor By: Who proctored or will proctor the test
  • Proctor By (Other): Other/additional individuals who proctored or will proctor the test
  • Rescheduled: Check off if the candidate rescheduled the test
  • No Show: check off if the candidate did not show up to take the test
  • Overall Score: The candidate’s test score
  • Checklist Step: The step on the candidate’s checklist this applies to
  • Checklist Status: The status of this checklist step
  • Attachment: Add attachments
  • Comment: Add any comments regarding this test here