Platform Managers can grant Admissions Managers and Staff the ability to view social security/national identification numbers. SSN/NI will appear in the "General Information" section of the Contact Card.

Please note: To remain PCI compliant, a Platform Manager must grant special access to users who need to view social security numbers and national identification numbers.

To grant access to these fields:

  • Go to the profile of the user who needs access by selecting Core from the persona menu
  • Select Users/Access, then click Profile
  • Search for, and select, the user  you need to give SSN/NI access to
  • Under System Information, click the Special Access link
  • Check the box for SSN/NI Access, then click Save & Exit, or Save

Users with SSN/NI Access can then go to a candidate’s profile to view this information.

  • From the persona menu, select onBoard
  • Use the Find A Candidate Search, or select a candidate from the Recently Viewed/Recently Added tabs
  • On the Contact Card tab of the candidate profile, click Edit (yellow pencil icon) to the right of  the General Information section to view the candidate’s SSN/NI information
  • You cannot view SSN/NI and credit card data while impersonating a user who has special access

Users who have access to credit card and/or SSI/NI information will automatically timeout after 15 minutes of inactivity. Users with this access must also adhere to the following password parameters:

  • Minimum password length of 7 characters, including 1 number
  • Password must be changed every 90 days
  • New password may not be the same as any of the previous 4 passwords