Managers can determine which constituents have access to group pages and group content. If Group Page access is set incorrectly and a role or user type has been excluded, users will not be able to view their content.

Similarly, if access has been given but users are unable to view a certain content type (e.g. Photos), the content needs to be enabled.

There are three types of users:

  • Associated Users are constituents who are tied to the group (e.g. students who are enrolled in a course section)

  • Special Users are the group managers and content editors

  • All other constituents belong to Roles (e.g. all parents belong to the Parent role)

Managers can grant Associated Users three different types of access:

  • List Only. Constituents can view the group name but cannot access the group page or group content

  • Group Page/Portal Content. Constituents can access the group page and view the group content on the Activity Stream and portal (if in use)

  • Portal Content Only. Constituents will only be able to view the group content on the portal (if in use)

Managers can grant Special Users and Roles Group Page/Portal Content, or List only access.


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