To get to those settings:

  • Core
  • Settings
  • Mobile

Once there you have multiple options.

Mobile Homepage Properties

  • Select Mobile Version: Here you would choose which style you would like to use as your mobile version and you can preview them.
  • Display Sign In: This would put the sign in option on the mobile site to allow your users to sign in from the mobile version.
  • Mobile Subdomain Name: This option would only be used if you had a specific mobile site in a subdomain like
  • Main Homepage: This will be default.aspx
  • Detect Mobile Device and automatically redirect to Mobile Site: By checking this box the system will detect if the user is on a mobile device and direct them there. If this box is not checked then the only way to get to the mobile site would be to use the mobile site URL listed below this checkbox.

Mobile Site Header/Footer

  • Header Text: This is the text at the top of your mobile site. Generally you want the school name listed in this field.
  • City, State: The city and state of your school
  • Footer Text: This can be your address or any other info you would like in the footer.

The placeholders &copy; will put in the copyright symbol and <br /> enters a carriage return in the above fields. 

Note: This is only for Podium front end websites which will no Schools will have by August 2017