No user in WhippleHill has assigned to them the HostID supplied in the field "host_id".  User could not be found.

Invalid Data:duplicate user in distribution group

The user in the file is already a member of the distribution group -or- they are in the data import file twice.  This message could also be the result of the same hostid is in the file twice but for two different users so it thinks it is a duplicate.

Invalid data:Column Required(firstname)

One of the required fields in a data import file is not populated with data.  (Which required field is not populated will be denoted within the parenthesis.)  In this example, the required field "firstname" was not populated for one of the records within the data import file.

Multiple Matches:UserHostID

Two or more users in WhippleHill have the same HostID.  HostIDs must be unique and cannot be shared.

No Match:DistributionGroup

Data Import is used to populate an existing Distribution Group based upon the "distribution_group" name supplied in the file.  In this case, either the Distribution Group was not created prior to performing the Data Import so it couldn't be found -or- the Distribution Group name supplied in the file is mis-spelled so it couldn't find an exact match.