Adding seasons and dates for athletics in school setup

Seasons must be created for Athletic seasons. Athletic seasons, unlike terms, can overlap, but make sure the start and end dates are not the same.

To create a season:

  • From the persona menu, select Core.
  • Click Settings > School information > Years and terms 
  • Select the school year from the dropdown list, if applicable.
  • Select the group type from the dropdown menu, if applicable. 
  • Click Add for the appropriate school level and application type.
  • Enter the following information:
    • Description: the season description, e.g. Season.
    • Season name: the term name, e.g. Fall, Winter, Spring.
    • Sort order: the order in which the seasons will display in dropdown menus throughout the site.
    • Begin date: the first day of the season.
    • End date: the last day of the season.
    • Base season: select the appropriate base season, for example the Fall Season should have Fall as a base season.
    • Days to default beyond end date: a way to extend the season beyond the official end date so that the pages are stil accessible after the term ends. Enter the number of days you want to extend access to the page.
    • Previous year equivalent: used in the rollover to map current athletic offerings to the upcoming school year. Make sure that you chose the correct equivalent season. 
  • Click Save & Exit.
  • Repeat for all seasons.