Backing up FIMS is crucial to keeping your data safe.   A backup should be run nightly to ensure you have the most current data in the event of data or hardware loss.   There are two different methods you can use to back up your data.   We recommend that you use both of these methods together.
  • Third-Party Backup Software - To ensure a successful backup:
    • If the amount of data backed up is not an issue then a complete backup of the entire NPO folder should be conducted.
However if there are size or bandwidth concerns or limitations then a complete backup of the following folders are strongly advised:
  • NPO\found - contains your database file and all FIMS software files
  • Any folders under NPO that have been created by staff that contain files used with FIMS (e.g. Profile Folders, Fund Folders, Reports).
  • NPO\GIFTS – all the IGAM software files including the forms (If present)
  • Progress Backup triggered as a Scheduled Task.
    • Create a scheduled task on the FIMS server to run each night.
      • General Tab: Check "Run whether user is logged in or not" and "Run with highest privileges."
      • Triggers Tab: Check New, in the New Trigger window click "Daily", choose a good time when people will likely be out of the system,
      • Actions Tab: Check New,
        • Program/Script: browse to the directory NPO\found\fims\ and choose the file dbbackup.bat
        • Add arguments: add the following arguments separated by single spaces: (path to live database) (path to output directory) (name of output file) (path to dlc directory)
          • example: c:\npo\found\dbfiles\found c:\npo\found\dbbackup foundbackup.bkp c:\npo\dlc
        • Start in: use the path to the FIMS folder.  ex: c:\npo\found\fims
      • Settings Tab: ensure the "Allow task to be run on demand" is checked.
  • After you've created the scheduled task, you can test it by right clicking in the task scheduler and clicking "run" or select the task and click "run" in the Right-hand Actions list. You can verify that the task is running correctly by checking the npo\found\dbbackup folder to see if your file was created.
The Ideal setup, is to run the progress backup each night, and then backup the above mentioned directories with a 3rd party backup solution.  We recommend using the stop and start databases commands with the 3rd party backup solution (i.e. create a scheduled task running the same batch files as the desktop stop/start shortcuts – stop the FIMS databases > run 3rd party solution on folder(s) > start the FIMS databases).  This makes sure the database files are not open for the third party backup software.