You can import Profiles into FIMS with the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Profile Import utility. This tool will create new Profiles from a spreadsheet. Follow the detailed steps below.
  1. Enter the profile information into an Excel spread sheet using the column headers listed at the end of this article.
    1. Every column is needed for the import, even if it is left blank.
    2. ​Column A is required. "O" indicates an Organization, "I" indicates an Individual.
    3. Column F is required for all Individual records.
    4. Column S is required for all Organization records.
  2. Select Save As for your spreadsheet and change the Save as Type to a CSV file. [aka Text(csv)] Then save in an easily accessible location.
  3. In FIMS, access the utility by this path: Tools > System Utilities > Admin Utilities > Profile Imports > DIY Profiles Import.
  4. Select Browse and select the file you just saved. 
  5. Click OK and FIMS will then import the profile information.
  6. If there are any errors with the imported data, FIMS will notify you and stop the import. Correct the data and repeat the import process. 

Column Layout:
A - org-code                 
B - full-name                 
C - prefix                      
D - fname                     
E - minit                        
F - lname                      
G - suffix                      
H - bus-title                  
I - nickname                 
J - sp-full-name            
K - sp-prefix                 
L - sp-fname                 
M - sp-minit                  
N - sp-lname                 
O - sp-suffix                 
P - NOT USED              
Q - sp-email                  
R - sp-nickname            
S - organization-name   
T - address1                  
U - address2
V - city
W - state
X - zip
Y - country
Z - county
AA - Joint or Alternate Name
AB - annual-name
AC - default-sal
AD - home-phone
AE - work-phone
AF - work-phone-ext
AG - cell-phone
AH - fax
AI - email
AJ - web-site
AK - allow-mail
AL - solicit
AM - usercode1
AN - usercode2
AO - usercode3
AP - usercode4
AQ - FIMS-profileid
AR - affiliations
AS - address type
AT - title code
AU - external id
AV - external source