Error returned from DonorCentral Donor Statement Upload WebService when running Crystal Fund Statement Export or External Statements Upload to Donor Central

This error can occur when running Tools > System Utilities > Donor Central > Crystal Fund Statement Export:
Error returned from DC Donor Statement Upload WebService.
2|Web service permission error

Do you want to continue generating statements without uploading?

This error can also occur when doing the following:

1. Go to Reports\General Ledger\Fund Statements
2. Run the statement to screen
3. When the report opens click on External Statements\Individual Statements for Donor Central
4. In the window that appears that states, # of DonorCentral PDFs have been created, Do you want to upload Statements to DonorCentral Now? Click Yes
5. See error occur shortly there after.
The permission to the Web Service to upload statements DonorCentral needs to be granted, please contact FIMS support to get this configured. This can also occur by incorrect settings in FIMS with regard to Donor Central, FIMS support can assist with those settings.



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