Acknowledgement emails and eReceipts are edited within the part or form they are associated with.

The following parts include an Acknowledgement and eReceipt: The following forms and part include an Acknowledgement:
  • Common Form
  • Online Admission Form
  • Online Reenrollment Form
  • Payment 2.0 part

To create or edit an Acknowledgement or eReceipt:
  1. Edit the associated part or form
  2. Click the Acknowledgement or eReceipt button in the top left corner 
    • If an Event Registration or Donation Form utilizes a Payment Part, the Acknowledgement email and eReceipt will be in the Payment Part instead of the form itself​​
    • The Payment 2.0 part does not include an eReceipt 
      • If you have confirmed you are not utilizing the Payment 2.0 part and you still do not see a button for eReceipt, ensure Receipt Stacks have been established
  3. Make any necessary changes
  4. Click Save

To copy the design of an existing Acknowledgement or eReceipt:
  1. Edit the Acknowledgement or eReceipt you'd like to copy 
  2. Select the View > click HTML Code
  3. Highlight and copy code
  4. Click Cancel until you have exited the part/form
  5. Locate and edit the Acknowledgement or eReceipt you would like to make changes to
  6. Repeat step 2
  7. Delete any existing content
  8. Paste the copied code
  9. Click Save
Note: The HTML that makes up merge fields does not always function correctly when copied. It is recommended to delete, and reinsert all merge fields before saving.

How do acknowledgement emails work with Common, Online Admission and Online Reenrollment forms?