Set NTFS permissions to grant Modify rights for NETWORK SERVICE to the file bbcore.dll (located, by default, in C:\Program Files\Common Files\Blackbaud\System).

If the issue persists, run Process Monitor and adjust permissions, as necessary, to files listed with a result of ACCESS DENIED. To do this:
  1. Download and run Process Monitor.
  2. In the Process Monitor log, search for entries listed with a result of ACCESS DENIED. (Note: pressing F3 while in the log advances the search to the next item).
  3. If an entry is found, double-click on it to view its event properties.
  4. On the Event tab, note the Operation. The value for this determines which level of permissions need to be set. For example, if the result is CreateFile, then NTFS rights are needed which will allow that operation - Read, Write, and Modify in this case).
  5. On the Process tab, note the User. The value for this determines which user the NTFS permissions need to be set for.
  6. Set NTFS permissions on the files noted for the corresponding users found in the steps above

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