Port traffic: All secure traffic for Blackbaud Hosting Services and Microsoft Azure environments require port 443, governing HTTPS traffic, to be open.

If your organization can apply a Hostname exception: All Blackbaud environments use a process that determines the most expedient path over the internet called Akamai, which uses a dynamic list of IP addresses. This service requires that an exception be made for the hostname rather than a specific IP Address. Below is a list of environment URL's which will need to be made as an exception to the firewall and/or proxy: 
If your organization requires a static IP Address or is located in a Microsoft Azure environment: The following URLs resolve to a single IP Address and should be added as exceptions to your firewall and/or proxy: 

US-East:  https://testlogin2.blackbaudhosting.com

US-West:  https://login1a.blackbaudhosting.com

Canada:  https://login3a.blackbaudhosting.com

Sydney: https://login4.blackbaudhosting.com

Europe: https://login01.blackbaud.net/

Azure US: nxt.blackbaud.com and cdn.blackbaudcloud.com
s21actx01cns01.nxt.blackbaud.com (

Azure Canada: nxt.blackbaud.com and cdn.blackbaudcloud.com

Azure Europe: nxt.blackbaud.com and cdn.blackbaudcloud.com

Azure Sydney: nxt.blackbaud.com and cdn.blackbaudcloud.com

Additional Firewall Exceptions for Blackbaud Sign-in and Single Sign On (SSO):