A Facility Rentals starts as a standard Group Reservation under Sales > Group Sales. Once a reservation is added, you then customize the group itinerary by adding a custom item for the specific rental period. 

To add a Facility Rental Reservation:
  1. Go to Sales > Group Sales
  2. To add a new Group Sales Reservation, click Add in the top right corner
  3. Complete the appropriate reservation information:
    1. Under General, we recommend selecting a separate Group Type to help you distinguish your Facility Rentals from other group reservations. One can set up different group types to represent the different types of facility rentals (Wedding, Corporate Event,. Private Event, etc.) 
    2. Under Visit, Select the Date of the Visit, the arrival time, and the departure time (you can leave the Quick Itinerary drop down blank). 
    3. Under Number of visitors, the price type and expected count of visitors must be entered here.To record the number of people attending your organization with the facility rental, we recommend creating a new price type such as "Facility Rental Attendee" to separate facility rental attendees in reporting.  
    4. Complete the information on the Due Dates as required for this Facility Rental. Example of Facility Rental Reservation
  4. Click Save to save the Reservation. 
  5. To add a Facility Rental, click the hyperlinked name of the itinerary in the Manage Itineraries section Click Intinerary
  6. You may have a Custom Item already present on your Itinerary. If you do, you can edit the item. If not, click Add in the top right corner and choose Custom item
  7. In the Add or Edit Custom Item screen, under Location, search for the location that you need to book for your rental. If you previously configured a default facility price for the selected location, the price automatically appears. If not, you can enter the correct price as needed. Facility Rental Attendees
  8. Under Location, you can also mark this location unavailable to other groups to prevent double booking. 
  9. Click Save
Please be sure to watch the specific video on how to customize an itinerary. More information may be found on our Altru Training video page regarding the Group Sales process.