Note: The hosted version of Microsoft Outlook must be opened in the background before you can send emails.
  1. In your application, click Tools > Mail Configuration.
  2. Enter your email address if you are prompted to, and then press OK
  3. Once more click Tools> Microsoft Outlook and Outlook will open

SMTP Relay in Blackbaud Hosting Services allows you:
  • Send out emails that display your email address in the "From" field.
  • Mark sent emails as actions (applies only to The Raiser's Edge).
  • Have undeliverable notices sent back your organization's email account.

Since the Hosted copy of Microsoft Outlook does not require you to have a Microsoft Exchange server, it will not connect to your email calendar or address book.  If you require those features Blackbaud offers another method of email integration using Outlook Anywhere, which connects the hosted copy of Microsoft Outlook to your Microsoft Exchange email server.

If needed, Blackbaud Hosting Services and Blackbaud SKY SMTP relay servers are:
  • Boston: (
  • Orange County: (
  • Vancouver: (
  • Blackbaud SKY United States:
  • Blackbaud SKY West Europe:
  • Blackbaud SKY Canada: