You can access our Altru Sandbox with this link

Usernames available for the sandbox:
Accounting5740SBS – designed for users who are responsible for the General Ledger, Accounting, and Treasury functions 
DevDirector5740SBS – designed for a power user in the Development office (such as a Director of Development) 
DataEntry5740SBS – designed for a data entry user for Membership/Development 
Membership5740SBS – designed for the Membership Manager
Marketing5740SBS -- designed for Marketing users that do not need access ot other fundraising and membership tools 
Ticketing5740SBS – designed for power users in the Ticketing areas of Altru, such as Visitor Services/Guest Services managers 
GroupSales5740SBS – designed for users who reserve and manage group tours and facility rentals, such as Group Tour Coordinators 
TicketSellerA5740SBS through TicketSellerG5740SBS (any letter between A-G will work) – designed for basic ticket sales permissions, such as a Visitor Services representative or Ticket Seller 
Events5740SBS – designed for users who manage special/fundraising events, such as an Events Manager 
WebForms5740SBS – designed for users responsible for the administration of your online forms and page design
Volunteer5740SBS -- designed for Volunteer Managers and Coordinators 
PowerUser5740SBS – designed for all power users/supervisors for the entire Altru database 
The password for all usernames is: Blackbaud@ltru

If you would like a testing database with your own custom data, contact your Account Executive about purchasing a non-production copy, sometimes called a staging database.