Before you go live with The Raiser's Edge/Luminate Online integration, your consultant will work with you to discuss what records will sync during the equalization and implementation project. In general, all records are equalized from Luminate Online into Raiser's Edge during your go-live project. Some users do not equalize all records in their databases during their go-live project, these records will eventually sync in either direction after the go-live. This is something you will discuss with your go-live team during your RELO project.


What constituent records will sync:
Luminate Online: All non-admin constituent records, with a value in the last name field, will flow across the integration when they are edited. There is no way to pick and choose which constituents will or will not sync. There is no way to control what fields, constituents, or transactions sync.
Raiser's Edge: All individual type records, will flow across the integration. There is no way to pick and choose which constituents will or will not sync. There is no way to control or prevent groups of individuals from syncing.

When will new records and/or changes sync:
Currently, any individual type constituent record that is in The Raiser's Edge will sync to Luminate Online. If any mapped field is updated on a record in Raiser's Edge or Luminate this will prompt the record to sync. For example, if a user edits a field in The Raiser's Edge on a non-linked record such as an address or a nickname, that constituent will sync to Luminate Online Marketing and a record will be created for them in the Luminate database. The following actions are the most common actions that can prompt a record to sync:

-Raiser's Edge: Admin | Globally add records, globally change records, globally delete records
-Raiser's Edge: Admin | Import
-Raiser's Edge: Plugins
-Raiser's Edge: Batch Constituent or Gift updates
-Patch and version releases of the Raiser's Edge or Luminate Online
-Planned Maintenance or remediation tasks within our hosted environment
Gift records:
Gifts entered historically in The Raiser's Edge before implementing the integration will not sync to Luminate Online. Gift records only flow one direction - from Luminate Online to the Raiser's Edge. Once the integration is established, only new Luminate Online gifts will flow to The Raiser's Edge to be processed in the Luminate Online plug in.

For more information on The Raiser's Edge and Luminate Online Marketing integration, as well as a complete list of what fields are mapped between the two programs, see our User Guide on the integration here.