Relationship Query is incorrect when filtering with Solicit Codes

When creating a relationship query, adding the criteria of "Solicit Code is one of..." will eliminate any constituent who has a blank solicit code, even if the constituent meets other specified criteria.
When creating a relationship query, adding the criteria of "Solicit Code does not equal..." will eliminate constituents who do not have the solicit code that is being excluded.

We have evaluated this issue as a bug and we have determined it will not be addressed in the program in its current state.  In this case, we believe the risks and challenges outweigh the potential benefit of resolving this issue. We strive to select the most impactful changes and issues to address with each release to accelerate the rate at which we deliver new features while sustaining the highest level of quality for our customers.

Alternative Solutions:
1. Search the criteria in separate queries and then merge them.
2. Use a constituent query.

Steps to Duplicate

Steps to duplicate:

1. Create new relationship query.
2. Set criteria to constituency code is one of...
    OR solicit code description is one of...
3. Constituent who is included by the constituent code criteria will not be included in query results if they have no solicit code.
4. Add Criteria of OR solicit code description is blank and place parenthesis around it and the other solicit code criteria and constituents with blank solicit codes are still excluded from query results.



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