This is most often caused by the query being too complex in The Raiser's Edge, though there are a few other reasons it could occur.
  • Run the query in The Raiser's Edge. If the query takes longer than a few seconds to run, this can result in the error. Rework the query criteria to reduce the runtime as much as possible and reload the query in Blackbaud NetCommunity. If the query has extensive criteria but runs in under a few minutes, reduce the criteria and reload the query in Blackbaud NetCommunity.
  • Attempt to refresh the list
    1. Navigate to Email>List
    2. Click the pencil icon next to the list in question
    3. Click the Refresh list button
    4. Wait for the list to complete, checking back periodically
  • Confirm the recommended frequency setting for Raisers Edge Integration Service
  • Check the version of NetCommunity and confirm all the components match and that you are on the latest version
If the above bullet points have been verified, and Blackbaud hosts NetCommunity, Click Chat with Support and reference this article. Please be prepared to share the following information with Support:
  • URL to the NetCommunity website
  • Username/Password to access the NetCommunity website
  • If Raiser's Edge is also hosted, a Username/Password to access Citrix and The Raiser's Edge
  • Name of the Lists this is happening to