How to get a list of constituents who used a certain discount (includes video demo)

Sometimes you want to see which constituents used a particular discount.  The Discounts Report only shows how many times a discount was used, not the names of constituents.  You can use a query to get this information. 
Start your query:
  1. Navigate to Analysis, then click on Information Library
  2. Click Add an ad-hoc query
  3. Select source view of Sales Orders, then click OK
Add fields to Include records where:
  1. In the left column, expand Sales Order Item and select Sales Order Item Discount. From the middle column, drag Discount Name to Include Records Where. Set the criteria Equal to and type in the name of the discount exactly.
    • Note: Capitalization and spelling count!
Add fields to Results fields to display:
  1. To see Constituent name: In the left column, select Constituent. From the middle column, drag Name to Results fields to display.
  2. To see date of transaction: From the left column, select Sales Orders. From the middle column, drag Transaction date into Results fields to display.
Save your query:
  1. Click Set save options tab
  2. Name query
  3. If you will be using this query elsewhere in Altru, mark to Create a selection
  4. If you will be using this query in another query, mark to Show this Selection in the Query Designer
  5. Save and Close

Example of your final query:
Discount used



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