For US versions:
  1. Open the gift record and change the Receipt field from Receipted to Not Receipted. 
  2. Save and close the gift. 
  3. Open Mail, Receipts. 
  4. Choose to Include one record and browse for the constituent record, 
  5. Enter the gift date and any other information that will isolate the one gift.
  6. Run receipts

For Canadian versions:

In version 7.83 and higher:

  1. In Mail, select Reissue Receipts. 
  2. Select the appropriate parameter options. 
  3. Click Print.

In all versions:

  1. Open the gift record to be re-receipted. 
  2. Select Gift, Reprint Receipt from the menu bar.
  3. Select Duplicate

    Note: This only works if the receipts were originally printed from Raisers Edge Mail, Receipts. The Parameter file must be set to Pre-printed Receipts. Receipts created from Custom Data Files must be re-created in Mail, Reissue Receipts.