Error: This transaction cannot be accepted - when making a donation on a NetCommunity Donation Form

Sometimes when users attempt to donate on a NetCommunity donation form the following error may appear: 

"The following error(s) must be corrected before continuing: 
  • This transaction cannot be accepted"
Ensure the credentials to your merchant account are up to date.

This issue has been also observed when a donation form has been copied from another donation form. As such, the issue may be rooted to cached payment settings that are copied from a donation form that cause this error to appear. To resolve this error, create a brand new donation form instead of creating a copy.

This also has been resolved by creating a new Merchant Account in NetCommunity using the same information contained in the merchant account that no longer works.
  1. Create a new merchant  account and give it a different name
  2. Enter the required fields and save ( If you don't know the password/transaction key you will have to generate a new one in your account)
NOTE: If you generate a new transaction key, it will need to be updated in every application that uses that password/transaction key to process transactions through
  1. - Go to the form that the merchant account is being used on and edit it
  2. - Select the new merchant account under the payment options and save
  3. - Refresh the form and submit a transaction.
  4. - Update your forms to use the new merchant account.


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