Error: This transaction cannot be accepted - when making a donation on a NetCommunity Donation Form

Sometimes when users attempt to donate on a NetCommunity donation form the following error may appear: 

"The following error(s) must be corrected before continuing: 
  • This transaction cannot be accepted"
There are a few possible reasons for this error.

Incorrect Merchant Credentials
This typically occurs when using as the Merchant account and the merchant account is not setup correctly. 
Ensure the credentials to your merchant account are up to date.

Cached Form Payment Settings
This issue has been also observed when a donation form has been copied from another donation form. As such, the issue may be rooted to cached payment settings that are copied from a donation form that cause this error to appear. To resolve this error, create a brand new donation form instead of creating a copy.

Cached Merchant Account
This also has been resolved by creating a new Merchant Account in NetCommunity using the same information contained in the merchant account that no longer works.
NOTE: If you generate a new transaction key, it will need to be updated in every application that uses that password/transaction key to process transactions through
  1. How to add a new Merchant Accounts in Blackbaud NetCommunity
  2. Update the Merchant Account for a form


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