Total Revenue Record money KPI does not match selection used in KPI

The Total Revenue Record money in selection KPI displays the sum of the total amount of revenue, instead of the application amounts of revenue.  For example, even if you filter your selection on just donations, if someone made a donation and a membership in the same transaction, the KPI will give you the total amount of the payment which includes the membership instead of just the donation amount.
When a query is used to a create a selection, it only creates a list of IDs that add up the money, and it is unable to look at the criteria that made it and apply it to the aggregation.

Use a query rather than using a KPI, to display the application amounts of revenue. You can use the SUM the field: SUM (Revenue\Application Details\Amount) field.

Steps to Duplicate

  1. Go to Sales > Daily Sales.
  2. Add a donation and a ticket to the cart
  3. Pay with cash and click Complete.
  4. Go to Analysis > Information Library.  click add an ad-hoc query. 
  5. On the left, click on Revenue.  In the middle, click on Date and move to Include Records Where.  Then set the date to today's date.  In the middle, click on Transaction Type and move to Include Records Where.  Set the criteria to equal to Order.
  6. On the left, click on Application Details.  In the middle, click on Type and move to Include Records Where and set equal to Gift.
  7. In the middle, click on Amount and move to Results Fields to Display.  Then click the E button and choose Sum so we are summing the amount of all donations.  Remove Amount from Results Fields to Display.
  8.  Go to the Set Save Options tab.  Name the query.  Mark the box to create a selection and click Save.
  9. Go to Analysis > Information Library > KPIs tab.
  10. Click Add and under Revenue select Total Revenue Record money in selection.
  11. Name the Kpi.
  12. On criteria tab, find the query selection just saved.
  13. In the "Calculate the total using this function" choose SUM.
  14. Click Save.
  15. Click on the KPI just created and click Update KPI  value under tasks.
  16. Choose to process once using current date.
  17. Look at the goal status tab, Actual value.  See that the value is the total amount of the sale, NOT the donation part of the sale, although the query was specifically filtering on only gift revenue records.


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