Incorrect Totals in Donors column or Out Of column in Solicitor Performance Analysis Report

When running the Solicitor Performance Analysis Report in Summary, the Donors column and the Out Of column totals may be lower than the total numbers added per solicitor. The report appears to calculate the total based on the number of unique constituents being counted total, rather than adding the numbers per solicitor in the column and displaying the grand total.

Alternative solution:

Run the report once per solicitor


Export the results of the report to Excel and manually calculate the totals.

Steps to Duplicate

1. Go to Reports>Analytical Reports>SolicitorPerformance Analysis Report
2. On the General tab, mark Summary under Report type
3. Select the Solicitors tab, and include two solicitors
4. (Limit other parameters as desired) and click Preview
5. Make note of the Total values for the Donors and the Out of columns. Also make note of the amount of Donors and Out of numbers each solicitor has.
6. Close the report
7. Open a Constituent record (that is not linked to our two solicitors) and add two new gifts.
8. Apply one gift to the first solicitor in our report and the second gift to the second solicitor on our report. When it prompts you to add an assigned solicitor relationship for this person, click Yes
9. Follow steps 1-5 to run the report again
10. Note that the totals only increased by 1, but each solicitor gained 1 donor and gained 1 Out of, which should increase the totals by 2.


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